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Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this addon by following these instructions.
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
This Addon/Plugin system is controlled by the Plugin Manager.

Warning this Replaces the standard built-in original Plugin Manager

If you want to return to the original plugin manager, use Plugin Manager Enhanced to uninstall itself, listed as "Plugin Manager Enhanced".

Plugin Manager Enhanced - showing example Addons listing

The Plugin Manager Enhanced addon provides a single unified dialog that combines the Registered and Loaded plugins with all the available 3rd party plugins replacing the original plugin manager


Replaces the built-in "Help > Plugin Manager"

Accessed by using the standard menu Help->Plugin Manager.

Request to retrieve the current 3rd party addons list to initialise the addon

The first time you use the addon, it will request permission to connect to the internet and retrieve the current 3rd party addons list select the Yes button to confirm.


  • Single unified dialog combining Registered and Loaded plugins with all the available 3rd party plugin addons.
  • Status column indicates status of Addon, Available, Installed, Built-in, Update Available, and hidden (via strike-through). A Failed addon also displays 'Failed' status in red.
  • All of Available, Installed, and Built-in plugins can be hidden from the dialog list, and if installed, hidden from the normal user interface.
  • A "Show hidden items" checkbox allows the user to see addons that have been hidden.
  • A "Show built-in items" checkbox allows the user to see built-in addons if desired.
  • 'Available' and 'Update Available' addons can be installed from Addons pane, the "Install" button becomes active when this is possible.
  • Installed addons can be un-installed from Addons pane; the "Uninstall" appears when this is possible.
  • Info button provides information on all addon types; includes 'Loaded' and failure type and stack traceback, when applicable.
  • In 'debug' mode, the Reload, Load, and Edit buttons appear; load and edit are greyed out when addon is not installed.
  • After updates of View mode plugins or Gramplets, or uninstalls, the user is reminded to restart Gramps.
  • The Check for updated addons now button will refresh the list of addons from the Gramps repository on the internet, so that updates and new addons will be listed. The usual Edit/Preferences settings for updates will also refresh the list.
  • A Search box is available which will filter the dialog to only those addons which have a row or filename which include all the search terms.

Technical details

The Plugin Manager Enhanced addon uses the the plugin system to replace the original plugin manager. It installs itself as a "Plugin lib" early in the Gramps startup sequence. It patches itself into the Gramps Help Menu and into the Addons update routine so that any addon update, via its own button, or the Edit->Preferences General tab Third party addons management sections Check for updates button, or automatic Check for addon updates: as configured in the same section.