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Hi I'm Gioto,

an experienced Gramps user.

Thank you to the Gramps developers for making this great program.


More info on addons

Templates I've created

PDF of user manual

How to start Gramps AIO windows in existing user manual languages

Download zip file attached to feature request:13204 Gramps AIO64 5.2 Language icons Shortcuts Pack table below

Note for screenshots (when using language shortcuts)

  • See stackoverflow question: Automatically taking screenshots of program window that mentions: "We have a software manual with a number of screenshots. When new version of software is released we need to update most of screenshots and we have to do it manually. Now we started translating manual to several languages and number of screenshots to take have increased ten fold. We'd like to automate this process."

Wiki weirdness, sometimes editing a section moves it to bottom of page and parts of page disappear , happened twice and I had to revert my edits!

links for non English user manuals don't always work because of translated title and redirection! use <span ID="Graphs></span>

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