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Gramps 5.1 Wiki Manual - User Directory

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=== Mac OS X ===
On Apple Macs running OS X, filenames starting with "." do not show up in Finder. To make simplify access to the Gramps user directory easy, open a terminal window with Finder-Applications-Utilities-using the Terminal application and type there: ln -s ~/.gramps gramps_user_directory~/Documents/Grampswhich will allow make Finder to show the contentsdirectory as a folder in your Documents folder named "Gramps". (You can replace "Gramps" with whatever name you wish, but use a / before any spaces. Or ) Alternatively you can simply click on [ {{man menu|Go -> 'Go to Folder...'}}] in the Finder, and type
in the resulting macOS {{man label|Go to the Folder}} dialog box.
The default location for the [[Mac OS X:Application package]] isuses a different, more MacOS-standard default location for the directory:
/Users/'''''<~username>'''''/Library/Application Support/gramps

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