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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this addon by following these instructions.
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
This Addon/Plugin system is controlled by the Plugin Manager.

"Event Description Editor" tool - defaults

The Event Description Editor tool is an addon that allow you to find and replace a text string in the event description of multiple events.


Once this plugin has been installed:

  • Select Menu Tools > Family Tree Processing -> Event Description Editor...
Undo history warning

Proceeding with this tool will erase the undo history for this session. In particular, you will not be able to revert the changes made by this tool or any changes made prior to it. If you think you may want to revert running this tool, please stop here and backup your database.

  • From the Undo history warning dialogue you can choose Stop or Proceed with the tool.
  • The Options tab is displayed with the following:
    • Events: All Events(default) - The events selected by a custom or generic filter.
    • Find: The (sub)string that should be found in event descriptions.
    • Replace: The string that should be used to replace the event description.
      • [ ] Replace substring only - If this checkbox is ticked, only the found substring will be replaced with the replace string. If True only the substring will be replaced, otherwise the whole description will be deleted and replaced by the new one

You can select Close to exit with no change, or enter the options you need changed and then select Execute to process your changes; once completed the tool will display the INFO dialog showing the total number of change made.