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Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this addon by following these instructions.
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
This Addon/Plugin system is controlled by the Plugin Manager.


The Themes addon adds a small set of configuration settings to the Preferences dialog. A new tab Theme is added containing a few new settings related to Gramps appearance.


There are four new settings;

  • Theme:Adwaita setting allows the user to select from the installed themes on their machine. A few of the themes will come standard with the system library Gtk. Others may be part of the Operating System, particularly in Linux based systems.

Note that not all themes are fully compatible with Gtk and Gramps; if the theme selected doesn't look right, with missing elements or other issues, select another theme.

  • Dark Variant If the selected theme includes a dark version of the theme as a subset, then this will activate the dark version. This is deselected by default. (Also called Dark Mode)

  • Font This brings up a selector which allows the user to pick a Font, and/or change the font size. The fonts presented are those found on the system. After making a font change restart Gramps.

  • Toolbar Text This enables text below the main Gramps toolbar icons. This is deselected by default.

  • Fixed Scrollbar (Requires Restart) This changes the Gramps scrollbars to be a bit more 'classic' in that they don't disappear, they have the up/down buttons at the ends, and clicking in the empty space above and below the slider acts as page up or page down. This is deselected by default. This setting is only visible on Windows machines. Note that changing this setting requires restarting Gramps, and may require restarting your session (Log off and log back on to Windows), particularly when disabling the setting.

  • Restore to Defaults This returns Gramps theme settings to their default values, as if no changes were made with these settings.

Installing your own theme

Themes (correctly copied into the appropriate OS folder and with the correct subfolders) will simply appear as new pull-down menu options in the Themes tab that appears in Preferences after the Themes addon has been installed.


It is possible to change the Gramps theme on the Windows AIO.

The Gramps AIO version 5.0.x uses Gtk 3.18 or higher, so a theme MUST be selected that supports that version (themes that are designed for a later version may not work). The current Gtk version is reported in the Addon:Prerequisites_Checker_Gramplet.

Suitable alternate themes may be found at the website.

Download the theme file (often a tar.gz) and, if necessary, decompress it using 7-zip or similar.

The decompressed files should be stored within a folder in "C:\Users\<username>\.themes" (Substitute <username> with your login name under Windows. Less ambiguously, you could take advantage of the %USERPROFILE% Windows environment variable and the destination folder is: %USERPROFILE%\.themes)

The folder .themes can be manually created if it does not already exist.

So, the final directory structure for a theme named "MyAwesomeTheme" looks like:





You should follow instructions for your distribution. Some other information that could help is provided GEPS_029:_GTK3-GObject_introspection_Conversion#GTK_3_theme.

Ayrıca bakınız

  • Downloadable themes (screen captures):
    • Greybird-Modv2 : a darker gray (no dark theme)
    • Crown Blue : Similar to Adwaita. Checking the Dark Variant makes it transparent on a Win10 system.
    • Victory : Another gray with no dark theme.

Some might find Yaru themes more to their liking. There are many other colors and dark themes.