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The Latest Released Version

Visit the following page for instructions on:

Officially Supported

  • Only the Linux platform is officially supported as GRAMPS developers use and test the source code on that platform, fixing any problems that arise due to upgrades.
Platform GRAMPS
Download Note
Linux Assorted Installation from Source Building of GRAMPS from source required

Community Supported

  • A platform is community supported when users have created an installable version for that platform. Full functionality of GRAMPS is not guaranteed and some components may be disabled. Developers are dependent on the community to fix any issues that arise. The GRAMPS developers aim to have GRAMPS working on all platforms, but have no resources to do specific testing to assure this is the case on release of a new version.
Platform GRAMPS
Download Note
Windows 3.1.3 gramps-3.1.3-1.exe (6.7 MB) Download and Install Windows Dependencies First
Windows 3.1.1 GrampsPortable_3.1.1.paf.exe (23.2 MB) Portable GRAMPS for PortableApps.com all in one with no dependencies.
Linux Assorted Automatic Installation Depends on Version of Linux Used
Linux Assorted Manual Installation Depends on Version of Linux Used
Linux Live CD 3.0.1 ubuntu804-genealogy40-gramps301-i386.iso
(730 MB)
Linux Genealogy CD based on Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron)
BSD 3.1.3_1 FreeBSD port BSD Information
Solaris 3.0.1 Solaris Platforms Building of GRAMPS from source required
Mac OS X 3.1.2 Using GRAMPS on Apple Mac (28MB) New and relatively untested (July 2009). There was a missing file. Get it from here.