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... long time listener, first time caller.

Have VERY much enjoyed Gramps since inception. Loved the XML database. Love the SQLite even more.

With a career, focused on dumping data into Gramps, with too little time to adequately enter supporting references. Now retired, with hope of increased activity...

Ancestor Migration / Person Roots

More recently developed prototype to extract from XML a person and descendants to support migrations, generating a time lapse video of primary (birth, marriage, death) events on a map. Flipped it would also start with a person and generate video on map to show a persons origins. Now with DNA ancestor plotting it might be interesting to overlay the maps. A cursory side-by-side viewing for my mother provided a very nice confirmation/validation of both maps.

Time permitting I may re-visit and update this project to query the SQLite database.

If interested in further details, add to my discussion page.

Genealogy Documentation Reporting

Most recently, to support better and consistent organization of my Repository, Sources, and Media I am prototyping a python scripting to query and provide various reporting. This includes Citations (for me AKA assertions) from a source to help me ensure I create sufficient events for each Assertion (Source / Citation).

If interested in further details, add to my discussion page.

At this point, cleaning up my documentation I am working toward including some additional Notes.

On the Source, two Notes, one of type CITATION and another of type TRANSCRIPT. For each Event a Note of type TRANSCRIPT to present aspects of the Source particularly relevant to the Event / Person.

If interested in further details, add to my discussion page.

I am sure this is flawed in multiple ways but with my present understanding of Gramps I am liking my reports.

Always available to chat...


aka Jerome Thomas Goulet