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Updated Fink package

My officemate and I are currently testing a Fink package of gramps-3.0.1; at present, it builds successfully under Tiger (PPC) and Leopard (Intel), provided the unstable trees are enabled, and it runs ok (so far), although it throws the following errors upon launch:

2214: WARNING: line 58: Spelling checker is not installed
(gramps:6040): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `urgency_hint' for class `GtkDialog'

Once we've done a bit more testing, we'll submit the updated package to the Fink maintainers, and then hopefully there'll be an up-to-date GRAMPS available via Fink! -Hakamadare 11:23, 12 June 2008 (EDT)

Patching configure for OS X

Another Fink user who was working on an updated package discovered the following changes that needed to be made to configure in order for the build to complete under OS X (since access to an X11 display is not generally available under OS X):

diff -Naur gramps-3.0.1-old/configure gramps-3.0.1/configure
--- gramps-3.0.1-old/configure  2008-05-17 16:33:13.000000000 -0400
+++ gramps-3.0.1/configure      2008-06-11 14:47:02.000000000 -0400
@@ -6565,7 +6565,7 @@
     # Do not import gnome.ui, this can kill python if the
     # display cannot be opened.  Just search it.
     import imp
-    imp.find_module('gnome/ui')
+    imp.find_module('ui',gnome.__path__)
 except ImportError:
@@ -6592,7 +6592,7 @@
     # Do not import, this can raise a RuntimeError if the
     # display cannot be opened.  Just search it.
     import imp
-    imp.find_module('gtk/glade')
+    imp.find_module('glade',[imp.find_module('gtk')[1]])
 except ImportError:

-Hakamadare 11:33, 12 June 2008 (EDT)

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