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The following describes one possible scenario for building and running the latest development version of GRAMPS on Ubuntu:

  • Install a recent version of Ubuntu. The steps in this document have been tested with Ubuntu 7.04, 7.10, and 8.04.
    (It is beyond the scope of this document, but VirtualBox and VMWare provide a great and relatively easy solution to getting a clean build environment up and running within 30 minutes.)
  • Install a text editor if you plan on modifying the GRAMPS source. You can use any text editor such as gedit, kate, or sourcenav (sudo apt-get install sourcenav), erik4, SPE, or Eclipse with the python plugin. Note the programming guidelines for GRAMPS.
  • Install the tools we'll need:
sudo apt-get install build-essential gnome-common libglib2.0-dev subversion
  • Create a directory for the Gramps source:
cd ~
mkdir gramps
cd gramps
  • Get the latest version of GRAMPS:
svn co
  • Get ready to build GRAMPS:
cd trunk
  • Build GRAMPS:
  • Run Gramps:
python src/

At this point, any time you want to update to the latest version of Gramps, simply run:

cd ~/gramps/trunk
svn update
python src/

If some of the GRAMPS constants have changed and you obtain an error in, rerun the commands and make.