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==Official reports in GRAMPS==
==Official reports in GRAMPS==

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Official reports in GRAMPS


  • Book Report -- Creates a book containing several reports

Code Generators

  • Relationship Graph -- Creates data file for use in GraphViz to make graphs of relationships

Graphical Reports

Text Reports


Web Page

Proposed Reports

If you have a proposal for a report, make a feature request at http://bugs.gramps-project.org. If you want to add a detailed of report specification to your proposal, add it to Portal:Enhancement Proposals, Category:Proposed Report Specifications.

With downloadable code:

  • GeographicReport -- print data of GRAMPS on a map

Proposals only:

  • SummaryEventList -- summary of the events sorted by place and lastname
  • RelationshipsReport -- basic family list
  • RepositoryReport -- provides repositories information
  • CustomHtmlPedigree -- set of html/css (no python code) for displaying custom pedigree
  • MissingInformationReport -- report with forms to fill out for missing information
  • AncencestorTableReport -- tabulated report about Ancestors
  • ListOfSources -- a detailed list of sources and the specific parts of those sources that are referenced in the database.