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All feature requests should be added to bugs.gramps-project.org. Add an issue, and select the category: feature request.

Please Note

That submitting a feature request or making a proposal does not guarantee that the feature will be added.

Enhancement proposals to improve Gramps

Some ideas however need a collaborative effort, for which you can use the categories in this portal.

General Wish-List


  • There is no guarantee that any feature listed herein will even be considered by the developers,

let alone make it into the next release!

This page simply pulls together various thoughts from the user community.

Please add wishes to the BOTTOM of this section...

Use of EXIF data in GRAMPS database.
  • Many digital photographs come with embedded EXIF tag metadata. It would be nice if GRAMPS could read this, and automatically populate database fields, such as date, location, etc. It would be even nicer if GRAMPS data was stored into the EXIF metadata, as photographs are often distributed separately to the main genealogical database, and it is far too easy to forget to update metadata...
Allow use of URI's for file location.
  • GRAMPS currently allows an image to be referenced (effectively) as file:///home/foobar/pics/image.jpg. Is there any reason why we could not use any standard URL for any media object? A local cached thumbnail would need to be automatically generated (probably with update options) to permit off-line use.
Addition of Descendant Tree chart to 'Narrated Web Site' report.
  • When producing the 'Narrated Web Site' report and selecting 'Descendant Families of ...' option, it would ease navigation for users if the resultant report contained a page with the descendant tree for the selected person.

Existing Tools

  • Unsupported Plugins - Overview of user written plugins (reports, tools, filters) you can download and use in collaboration with GRAMPS.