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Plugin / Documentation Type Image Description Use Rating (out of 4) Contact Download
GeoView Experimental View
An extra view in GRAMPS which shows places, events, info of active person, ... embedded in GRAMPS on a map using different backends (OpenStreetMaps, Google Maps, ...) Testing NA Gramps Bugtracker GeoView
ExportRaw Exporter NA A GRAMPS exporter that will dump your BSDDB database into a flat text version (.raw) of the Python objects. Developer 4 Doug Blank
ExportSql Exporter NA A GRAMPS exporter plugin that will export your BSDDB database as a fully-relational SQLite database. Expert user 3 Doug Blank
Data Entry Gramplet Gramplet
Data Entry Gramplet
Quick Data Entry for People data Expert user 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
Deep Connections Gramplet Gramplet NA Finds deep relationships between home and active people All 3 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
Descendant Count Gramplet Gramplet NA Gives a count of descendants for each person All 4 Stars Doug Blank
FAQ Gramplet Gramplet NA GRAMPS Frequently Asked Questions Beginner user 0 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
Headline News Gramplet Gramplet NA Shows GRAMPS breaking news, once per hour All 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
Note Gramplet Gramplet NA Quick Data Entry for Notes Expert user 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
Plugin Manager Gramplet Gramplet NA Lists plugins available for GRAMPS All 2 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
Python Gramplet Gramplet NA Interactive Python Shell Developer 4 Stars Gramps Bugtracker
ImportSql Importer NA A GRAMPS import plugin that will read a fully-relational SQLite database into your GRAMPS tree. Expert user 3 Doug Blank
All Names Quickview Quickview NA Shows all names for all people All 4 Stars Doug Blank
Timeline Quickview Quickview NA Shows timeline of events in immediate family members' lives All 4 Stars Doug Blank
InformationGraph Report N/A Generate detailed GraphViz graphs by spidering over the database. All N/A Bob Ham
Lines of Descendency Report Report NA Prints out all descendency lines from a given ancestor to a given descendent in text. All ? User:Lcc (e-mail) Lines-of-descendency.tar.gz
Census Gramplet Gramplet NA Lists census events for the active person. Allows users to create and edit census data in a single form. Expert user 3 Stars Nick Hall Census.addon.tgz
Census Report Report NA Prints census events in a format similar to the original census entries. All 3 Stars Nick Hall Census.addon.tgz
Graph View Experimental View
A view that displays a descendant tree based on the active person. Testing NA Gary Burton GraphView.addon.tgz