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There are several ways to import your family tree into GRAMPS from another program. The best way depends on what program you want to copy the information from.


This is the easy one. The simplest and safest method to move all your information from one GRAMPS program to another is to choose File -> Export from the first GRAMPS. Follow the instructions, choosing GRAMPS Package for the format to save.

Copy the file created by GRAMPS to the destination computer. Then in its GRAMPS, choose File -> Import and select the transferred file.

Standard GEDCOM

Most programs for family history can export and import GEDCOM (.ged) files.

  1. Check the documentation for your program to learn how to create a GEDCOM file with all your data.
    • If you have a choice, GEDCOM 5.5 Standard is usually the safest type of GEDCOM.
  2. In GRAMPS, choose File -> Import
  3. Locate the GEDCOM file created by your program, and choose Open.
Check The Results

Check your data carefully once imported into GRAMPS. There are many things GEDCOM does not support that may be lost during transfer. In addition, many commercial programs do not create standard GEDCOM files. GRAMPS does its best to do the right thing with non-standard GEDCOM files, but it can't possibly cope with everything.

The Master Genealogist (TMG)

You have two options.


This is the easy option, but much of your data may not transfer correctly. Try it first anyway in case it works for you.

  1. Tell TMG to export your data to GEDCOM, following the instructions that come with TMG.
    • TMG gives you many options for GEDCOM exports. What works best will depend in part on the way you organised your family tree. Choose whatever you like.
    • Write down which choices you make.
  2. Follow the instructions above for Standard GEDCOM.

If the results aren't too bad, but aren't quite right, try again after changing one or more of TMG's GEDCOM export options. You'll remember what you did previously because you wrote them down. Didn't you?

Keep trying and hopefully you'll hit on the combination that works best for you.

If you can't get good results, you'll have to use the tmg2gramps method instead.


For many people, using GEDCOM will lose too much information. If this is the case for you, you might like to try tmg2gramps.

Family Tree Maker

GEDCOM is currently the only option for copying your data out of Family Tree Maker and into GRAMPS. Follow the instructions above for Standard GEDCOM.


GRAMPS can directly import from Geneweb. Choose File -> Import , select your Geneweb database and choose Open.