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A list of languages that have Localized Date Handlers for GRAMPS.

ISO-639-1 Language Date Handler Notes
ar Arabic
bg Bulgarian Yes
br Breton
ca Catalan Yes
cs Czech Yes
da Danish Yes
de German Yes
en English Yes / Default Gregorian & Julian
eo Esperanto
es Spanish Yes
fi Finnish Yes
fr French Yes
ga Irish
he Hebrew
hr Croatian Yes
hu Hungarian
it Italian Yes
ja Japanese
lt Lithuanian Yes
mk Macedonian
nb Norwegian Bokmål Yes
nn Norwegian Nynorsk
nl Dutch Yes
pl Polish Yes
pt_BR Portuguese (Brazil) Yes (shared with pt_PT )
pt_PT Portuguese (Portugal) Yes (shared with pt_BR )
ro Romanian
ru Russian Yes
sk Slovak Yes
sl Slovenian Yes
sq Albanian
sr Serbian Yes
sv Swedish Yes
tr Turkish
uk Ukrainian
vi Vietnamese
zh_CN Chinese Yes