Gramps and GEDCOM

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Gramps uses Gramps XML which is considered a much superior format to GEDCOM by the Gramps developers. Although Gramps should be able to import most data from GEDCOM through its GEDCOM Import module, many of the Gramps features are not supported by the GEDCOM standard and so GEDCOM Export from a Gramps Family Tree or Gramps XML is a lossy operation. This page shall list all the information that is lost on a GEDCOM export from Gramps, so that users may choose to restrain their Gramps use to those features that GEDCOM can handle. Gramps recognizes the relevance of GEDCOM and attempts to offer the best compatibility possible. The Gramps version used as a reference is Gramps Trunk, currently Gramps 3.3.

Lost information on a GEDCOM export from a Gramps Family Tree (Gramps XML)

  • Bookmarks
  • Preformatted notes
  • Markup
  • Tags/markers
  • Grouped names
  • Roles on events
  • Children status (adoption, etc)
  • Coordinates