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== Prečo používať Gramps? ==
Väčšina genealogických programov umožňuje zadávať informácie o vašich predkoch a
potomkoch. Zvyčajne môžu zobrazovať rodinné vzťahy prostredníctvom tabuliek, grafov,
alebo prehľadov. Niektoré umožňujú pripojiť obrázky alebo iné médiá. Väčšina z nich vám umožňuje zahrnúť
informácie o ľuďoch, aj keď títo ľudia nie sú príbuzní primárnej rodiny, ktorú skúmate. A môžu obsahovať funkcie, ktoré vám umožnia vymieňať si
údaje s inými programami a tlačiť rôzne typy správ.
Gramps má všetky tieto schopnosti a ešte viac. Najmä vám umožňuje integrovať útržky
a kúsky údajov, ktoré vzniknú pri vašom výskume, a uložiť ich na jedno miesto vo vašom počítači. Potom môžete počítač používať na manipuláciu, harmonizovanie a
analýzu údajov namiesto toho, aby ste sa trápili so stohmi papiera.
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== Why use Gramps? ==
== Why use Gramps? ==

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Why use Gramps?

Most genealogy programs allow you to enter information about your ancestors and descendants. Typically, they can display family relationships through charts, graphs, or reports. Some allow you to include pictures or other media. Most let you include information about people even if those people are not related to the primary family you happen to be researching. And they may include features that let you exchange data with other programs and print different types of reports.

Gramps has all these capabilities and more. Notably, it allows you to integrate bits and pieces of data as they arise from your research and to put them in one place -- your computer. You can then use your computer to manipulate, correlate, and analyze your data, rather than messing with reams of paper.

Typographical conventions in the Gramps Wiki Manual

In this book, some words are marked with special typography:

  • Applications
  • Commands you type at the command line
  • Filenames or Filenames
  • Replaceable text
  • Labels for buttons and other portions of the graphical interface. A trailing ▴ and ▾ in a column header indicates the sort order for table column. ◂ more headers or tabs ▸
  • Hint text for hover or roll-over hints (aka Tooltips) that identify elements of the graphical interface
  • Menu selections look like this: Menu -> Submenu -> Menu Item (Spaces should enclose the -> to make webpage auto-translation recognize menu words.) Gramplet pop-up menus are marked with a (Down Arrowhead button).
  • Buttons you can click
  • Disclosure triangle node expand or collapse disclosure triangular widget. All the nodes of the tree view mode can be simultaneously collapsed or expanded from the pop-up menu shown by right-clicking.
  • Anything you type in
  • Checked - Checkbox that is ☑ selected
  • Unchecked - Checkbox that is ❏ unselected
  • RadioButton Selected.png - Radio button that is ◉ selected
  • RadioButton Deselected.png - Radio button that is 🔘 deselected
  • Abbreviated Latin notations: e.g., etc., i.e., N.B., P.S., viz., vs,

The manual also provides assorted bits of additional information in tips and notes as follows:

Example Tip

Tips and bits of extra information will look like this.

Example Note

Notes will look like this.

Finally, there are warnings, notifying you where you should be careful:

Example Warning

This is what a warning looks like. If there's a chance you'll run into trouble, you will be warned beforehand.

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