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This appendix lists keybindings you can use on the GRAMPS dialogs, so as to avoid the use of the mouse.

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List Views

Common bindings

The following bindings are available in all views.

Key Function
<Alt>N Changes the view to the next view
<Alt>P Changes the view to the previous view
<Alt>S Open the Scratch Pad
<Ctrl>B Edit the bookmarks
<Ctrl>D Add the selected item as a bookmark
<Ctrl>H Open the Undo History dialog

All List Views bindings

The following bindings are available in all list views: People, Family List, Events, Sources, Places, Media, Repositories and Notes View.

Key Function
Enter Edits the selected list item
<Ctrl>Insert Adds a new item to the database
<Ctrl>Delete Deletes the selected list item

People View bindings

Key Function
Enter Expands and hides entries of the selected surname

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