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Details on the multilingual policy for this Gramps wiki.

Using Gramps in my native Language

For information on installing, learning and using the Gramps program in a language other than the default language (US English) see Learn how to get started.

Which Languages?

In theory, all languages for which a person can be found to maintain the translation, can have the Gramps main page translated. You can then translate articles on a opt-in basis.

The following Languages are supported:

Maintainer: B. Malengier. Contact him by mailing benny.malengier AT the domain:, or via the devel mailing list, or via his talk page.
Maintainer: A. Šleinius. Contact him by mailing asleinius AT the domain: users dot sourceforge dot net
Maintainer: B. Banko Contact him by mailing bernard.banko AT the domainL siol dot net
Maintainer: Tobias Svedberg. Contact him by mailing sleepylion AT the domain: gmail dot com or via his talk page
Maintainer: Jérôme. Contact him by mailing romjerome AT the domain: yahoo dot fr or via his talk page
Maintainer: User:Mweinelt. Contact him by mailing mweinelt AT the domain: gmail dot com or via his talk page.
Maintainer: Zdeněk Hataš, User:Matlas. Contact him by mailing zdenek DOT hatas AT the domain: gmail dot com or via his talk page.
Maintainer: Lukasz, User:Yenidai. Contact him by mailing yenidai AT the domain: @poczta dot onet dot pl or via his talk page.
Italian User:Dm1407. Contact him via his talk page.

The languages supported need to be added to Template:Languages, Template:Languages/table and Gramps:Main_page_templates/page by a system administrator.

What the Maintainer should translate

The task of a maintainer is to translate the Main page via Gramps:Main_page_templates as well as the main portals. Preferably they can also respond to user questions about the language, and investigate misuse in that language (profanities, flame-wars, ...).

The list of pages which group translation strings and must be translated:

List of pages you should definitely consider translating:

What NOT to translate

In details:

  1. The developers section is english only. Development of Gramps is in english.
  2. Mark-up Templates. Templates for markup, eg pretty tables, boxes, should be written language independent, with if necessary a language parameter which is passed to content specific templates that can be translated.

Note that Content templates can be translated, but do not include the {{languages|pagename}} template to the content. Instead, add it to the noinclude section of the template:


What Users can translate

Anything they like of the articles. Do follow the guidelines in the next section, How?, though.

It is actually very easy, you only need to know the original language (English) and be able to copy/paste with perhaps the extra complication of using a template for links instead of normal wiki links.


  1. If you want to translate page [[Gramps:Language policy]] in a language with language code zz, you create a page [[Gramps:Language policy/zz]]. The root name af the article must be the english name. So e.g. Bonjour would be Goodday/fr. However you can use redirection to give French users a fr:Bonjour page
  2. Next, you add at the bottom of the page the template {{languages|Gramps:Language policy}}. This same template must be added to the root page as well as all translated pages.
  3. In the case no english page exists for the page you want to make, first add an english page with content
  4. You can redirect people to a page with localized title. This is helpfull for searching pages in non-english, or for inclusion of the pages in Help:Categories. Eg, you want to translate [[Gramps:About]] in Dutch.
    1. You make the page [[Gramps:About/nl]] with content:
      #REDIRECT [[nl:Gramps:Info]]
    2. In the page [[Gramps:About]], you add at the bottom
    3. You create the page nl:Gramps:Info, with as content the translated English page, and at the bottom you call the languages script, with as first parameter the english root page, and second parameter the true dutch name:
    4. If you want to link to translated pages, you can use the standard wiki syntax: [[link here/nl|text]], but this is off course only possible if the nl page already exists. You can also use the following handy template: Template:Call_lang, which works as
      {{call_lang|link here|nl|text}}
      If the required translation exists, it is returned, otherwise the english root page is returned

It actually suffices in the English page to add {{languages}}. If the translated page does not make use of redirects, that also suffices in the translated page. However, when using redirect, you must add as parameter the correct English pagename. Therefore, it is better to just always add it, so you never forget.

More Info

For more info, see the documentation in Template:Languages, Template:Call lang.


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