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This page is for the discussion of proposed implementation of the merging whilst importing the data to Gramps data base. As this action is closely related to import and export, this section has been named "Import Export Merge"

Import Export Merge

Current State

Import/Export is currently implemented in various formats, viz. csv,xml etc. Whilst csv is very limited, it has the advantage of more universality than most other formats. It is discussed in a section of Gramps Manual.


This is not a trivial task, though probably not impossible. Some informed discussion is clearly desirable. Whilst there are a number of people with some knowledge of Python who are eager to contribute to a "real program", they need to be able to first find their way in the various files of Gramps. It would help to extract the names of the most pertinent file names from the general list and make the sublist here for the orientation purposes. Also, the aims of Merging should be first defined in non-ambiguous format.

Definition of Merging

What precisely do we mean by "merging". The simplest form is to add to the existing data base, without any regard of duplication. Is this implemented? No idea... Al 21:19, 26 August 2008 (EDT)

List of Files