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edit  GRAMPS-yhteisön portaali
Tervetuloa Gramps- yhteisön portaaliin! Tämä paikka on varattu Gramps-yhteisölle, vapaanohjelmiston sukututkimus-ohjelmaa varten.
<poll domain=upgradeto3x>

What version of GRAMPS are you using, and why? Earlier than 2.2.10. I don't ever want to upgrade, or I have no idea how to upgrade. 2.2.x. This is the most recent version available through my package manager. 2.2.x. I used 3.x for a while, but a problem has caused me to downgrade to 2.2.x. 2.2.10. As soon as I have time I'll upgrade to the most recent 3.0.x release. 2.2.10. I'm waiting for the next 3.0.x release. 2.2.10. My OS doesn't have the necessary packages to run 3.x. 3.0.0. I like 3.x, and eventually I'll upgrade to a more recent 3.0.x release. 3.0.x. I always upgrade to the most recent maintenance release shortly after it becomes available. trunk. Yes, I know trunk shouldn't be used for my real data, but I know what I'm doing. </poll>

edit  User Polls
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edit  Live CD
A Live CD based on Ubuntu with pre-installed Gramps, GeneWeb, and LifeLines applications, as well as the GraphViz program to draw beautiful graphs in Gramps. The CD is available only for the x86 architecture.
edit  GRAMPS shirts
You can buy Gramps shirts (short sleeve tee) from the Gramps-Project inventory on Cafepress, designed by Gramps.