Development using Eclipse and Pydev

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Prerequisites: a JRE has to be installed.

To use Eclipse you'll need two folders. One where you install Eclipse, the other one will be the workspace. E.g., /home/acraphae/devel/eclipse_installs/ and /home/acraphae/devel/eclipse_workspaces/gramps

Download an Eclipse package from Unzip the file into /home/acraphae/devel/eclipse_installs/ and run the eclipse binary in /home/acraphae/devel/eclipse_installs/eclipse when asked for a workspace, enter /home/acraphae/devel/eclipse_workspaces/gramps

Installing Pydev and Pylint

Get pydev from the pydev dowload site or use the pydev update site.

Follow the instructions on the pydev extensions site.

On my Ubuntu, the python interpreter can be found at /usr/bin/python

sudo apt-get install pylint Go to: window > preferences > pydev > pylint tick use pylint and enter /usr/bin/pylint as the pylint path.

Installing Subversion

Follow the guide on to install the Subclipse plugin.

Open the subversion perspective and add a repository. for working on the trunk code. Select Checkout project using new project wizard. Select pydev project wizard.