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This wikipage is a cloned outline from a template. It is being roughed in.

Since you are reading this paragraph, then the WikiContributor has not progressed to the point of trimming out the excess template material. That means the wikipage is probably not ready for collaborative editing yet. Multiple people editing now might unintentionally overwrite their work. Please post your suggestion on the Discussion page instead of directly editing the content.

In various rules that allow a Person ID to be selected as a parameter value, both built-in rules & add-on rules use inconsistent placeholders:

  • <Id>
  • <id>
  • <person>

It would be better if they were harmonized.

I suspect any variant of <ID> would ambiguous because sometimes these rules (while needing a Person Gramps ID) are in different category custom rules.

What should the standard nomenclature be for the rule names, descriptions & documentation?

Using add-ons to design and test flight Filter Rule

Designing and optimizing a quality query can be challenging. Even a slow rough-cut query is acceptable for a single-use. But clean and fast code is vital to a frequently used add-on Filter Rule.

There are some power tool add-ons to help when designing queries, testing them and optimize their runtimes.

Particularly, using SuperTool design a rough query, the Query Gramplet to experiment with optimizations, the Generic custom rules to commit the query to a something usable with Custom Filters, and FilterParams to tune is one way to use add-ons in concert.

Converting a query to an add-on Filter Rule

Publishing a new Filter Rule

Update the Rule Expansions wiki page

See also

  • In in MantisBT bug reporter for Gramps
    • Feature Requests for add-on custom filter Rules. (Filter for "filter, rule")
    • 0011689: [GrampsAIO-5.1.2-new_libs_win64] Active and Default Person filter rules