Comparison of genealogy software

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This page will try to illustrate some of the features of genealogy database programs other than Gramps. It will serve to allow Gramps users who do not have access to these programs to understand those programs.

Lets start off with PAF 5.2 ( and Ancestral Quest 11 ( AQ has been updated within the last 6 months to AQ 12 but there seems to be little difference in appearance. If the two programs seem to be very similar that is because (as I understand it) the LDS Church bought the source and developmental rights to AQ 3 a long time ago. PAF 5.2 has been around for many years.



These are the Family View: Note the upper-right-hand corner of some individual display blocks - that indicates that there is further information available, either sources, notes ... Note the filled and unfilled arrows associated with the name blocks - open indicates a dead end while filled arrows point to further family information regarding that person.