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(Disruptive GEP's)
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==Disruptive GEP's==
==Disruptive GEP's==
If a GEP is disruptive, a specific branch is used to develop it. First check out trunk
svn checkout https://svn.code.sf.net/p/gramps/code/trunk geps-021
If a GEP is disruptive, a specific branch is used to develop it. See the [[Brief Guide to Git]] for detailed instructions creating a branch.
cd geps-021
Create a new branch
svn copy https://svn.code.sf.net/p/gramps/code/trunk https://svn.code.sf.net/p/gramps/code/branches/geps/gep-021-name
and switch the repository to that branch
svn switch https://svn.code.sf.net/p/gramps/code/branches/geps/gep-021-name
When finished, merge the changes back in trunk with [http://svnbook.red-bean.com/en/1.0/ch04s04.html this guide].

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Gramps Enhancement Proposals (GEPS). This should be a complex/detailed description of a way to make Gramps better.

Here they are listed in numerical order:
Gramps Enhancement Proposals (GEPS) - Summary
GEPS - Title Proposed Status Released Note SVN
GEPS 001: Relationship type event link 2007 ? ? ?
GEPS 002: RelationView Expand and Collapse 2007 Finished Gramps 3.0 -
GEPS 003: Computed Ages and Probably Alive 2007 Finished Gramps 3.1 -
GEPS 004: My Gramps and Gadgets 2007 Finished Gramps 3.1 Called "Gramplets View"
GEPS 005: Enhanced Plugin Interface 2007 In progress ? See GEPS 014: Plugin registration and management
GEPS 006: Better Place handling 2007 In progress Gramps 3.2
Gramps 3.3
Gramps 4.1
Place tree view.
Locality field added to location.
Hierarchical place structure.
GEPS 007: Report Reorganization 2007 ? ? ?
GEPS 008: File Organization 2008 Finished Gramps 4.0
GEPS 009: Import Export Merge 2008 ? ? ?
GEPS 010: Relational Backend 2009 Withdrawn - Related to GEPS 013: Gramps Webapp, GEPS 032: Database Backend API
GEPS 011: Tagging 2008
Finished Gramps 3.3
Gramps 4.1
Tagging of people, families, media and notes only.
Tagging extended to all primary objects.
GEPS 012: Ecosystem definition 2009 ? ? ?
GEPS 013: Gramps Webapp 2009 In progress ? See prototype gramps-connect.org
You can log into the site, as a:
superuser (id=admin, password=gramps)
or a regular user (id=admin1, password=gramps)
or just view as an anonymous user.
Current code is now in trunk
GEPS 014: Plugin registration and management 2009 Finished Gramps 3.2.x -
GEPS 015: Repository Research Support 2009 ? ? ?
GEPS 016: Enhancing Gramps Processing Speed 2009 ? ? ?
GEPS 017: Flexible gen.lib Interface 2009 Withdrawn After building a prototype, it was found to be too slow for general use. Instead, caching BSDDB serialized data seems an easier approach.
GEPS 018: Evidence style sources 2010 In progress SVN
GEPS 019: Improved Sidebar and Split Views 2010 Finished Gramps 3.3 -
GEPS 020: Plugin Extensions 2010 ? ? ?
GEPS 021: Additional Name Fields 2010 Finished Gramps 3.3 - SVN
GEPS 022: Narrative Website Refactor 2010 In progress ? ?
GEPS 023: Storing data from large sources 2010 Finished Gramps 3.4 - Current code is now in trunk [1]
GEPS 024: Natural transcription of Records 2010 ? ? ?
GEPS 025: Geography 2011 Finished Gramps 3.3 - SVN?
GEPS 026: Replace 'make' for Gramps build 2012 Finished Gramps 4.0 Move Gramps away from using Makefiles and to using setup.py and/or DistUtils[2][3][4]2621 SVN
GEPS 027: Gender as an Entry Field 2012 Proposal to make gender selection be decided in an ComboBoxEntry field, to allow for options outside of male, female or unknown
GEPS 028: Media Management 2012 Proposal to make Gramps do more to help media management
GEPS 029: GTK3-GObject introspection Conversion 2012 Finished 4.0.0 Conversion to the new version of GTK using the new python bindings based on introspection. SVN
GEPS 030: New Visualization Techniques 2012 In Progress Discussion of new visualization techniques for possible inclusion in Gramps.
GEPS 031: Python 3 support 2012 Finished 4.0.0 At some time, we need to move to python 3 ...
GEPS 032: Database Backend API 2013 In Progress
GEPS 033: Abstract Database API 2014 In Progress

Disruptive GEP's

If a GEP is disruptive, a specific branch is used to develop it. See the Brief Guide to Git for detailed instructions creating a branch.



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