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All In One Gramps Software Bundle for Windows

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This is work in progress...

Any files listed here is in development state and may be not suitable for normal every day use!
Any coment and help are welcome. Josip

Gramps software bundle is all-in-one aka "AIO" install package of Gramps that includes all dependencies for the Windows platform

Logic for AIO is that in Windows first search path is working directory (one in which program is started) so if any Gramps dependency is in same directory there is no need for him to look for them in system and possibly load incompatible one thus avoid dependency hell. This is reason why AIO must be started from AIO folder.

In newer Windows version there my be security restriction with shell scripts so AIO does not use one.

It is rebuild-able, it contains install script which can make new setup program from installed one.

If for example somebody like to repackage Gramps with their code change, favorite addons, family trees etc.

This distribution is directory based, which means it loads all dependencies from the directory in which they have been installed so if you want to use it from console/terminal (dos/cmd.exe prompt) you must first go to their directory as: cd C:\GrampsAIO\bin; python -EO ..\share\gramps\ .



  • easy installation:
    • no searching web for appropriate package
    • one click install
  • no dependency hell:
    • all libraries can work one together
    • on upgrade version of library rebuild all others with that version


  • put all software Gramps needs in one package:
  1. all core non-python library and applications
  2. any optional non-python library and applications
  3. python bindings for core libraries
  4. python bindings for optional libraries
  • use NSIS (Nullsoft Script-able Install System)

Software release:

Gramps AIO (32bit)

Gramps AIO Releases
 AIO 3.2.5-1
 AIO 3.2.5-2
 AIO 3.2.5-3
 AIO 3.2.5-4
 AIO 3.2.5-5
 AIO 3.2.6-1

Gramps AIO (64bit)

Gramps AIO Releases
 AIO64 3.2.5-1
 AIO64 3.2.5-2
 AIO64 3.2.5-3
 AIO64 3.2.5-4
 AIO64 3.2.6-1
 AIO64 3.3.0_beta-1
Includes: Gramps 3.3.0, Python (2.7.2), GTK & PyGTK ... plus GhostScript for reports, GraphViz and goocanvas for graphs, GtkSpell and various dictionaries for spell-checking, osmgpsmap for GeographyView, pyexiv2, convert and jhead for ImageMetadata