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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
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Type Cleanup Tool - example window
Type Cleanup Tool - progress window

What is it For?

The Type Cleanup Tool searches your database for records that contain "custom" Types, provides a filtered list allowing those records to be edited, and an option to delete or rename the custom type. Custom Types are recognized by Gramps but the various reports that Gramps can generate and other applications may not recognize or handle them.

What causes the extra (Custom) Types?

Custom types are created by some importers, or other addons (Forms, for example) to supplement the standard Gramps types. They are also created directly by the user if he types directly in the type selector combo box with a value not already present.


  • Download the Check for addon updates feature in the General tab of the Edit -> Preferences...
  • Once this plugin has been installed
  • Select Menu Tools -> Utilities -> Type Cleanup...

Proceeding with this tool may make unexpected changes to your data. While it is possible to Undo the changes made by this tool, it may be easier to recover from a backup.

The left pane has the list of various types, and any which have custom values will have the drop-down arrow. If you select one of the custom types, the right pane will show the list of references that utilize the custom type.

You can edit any of the references in the right pane by double-clicking, using the enter key etc.

When a custom type is selected in the left pane the Remove is enabled. If you want to remove this custom type from your drop-down lists in the type selectors when editing, you can use this button. However if there are references using the type, you will get a warning that the references will not be changed. If you elect to remove the custom type anyway, it will disappear from your drop-down lists in the type selectors when editing. But if you ever edit and save an object that still uses the custom type, it will reappear in your drop-down lists in the type selectors when editing.

You can also rename a custom type by changing its value in the combo entry at the bottom of the tool. You can select a standard name, or just modify the name by typing. When a different name has been selected, the Rename will become enabled. Activating this button will actually make changes to your database, modifying all of the referenced objects at once to the new name. This also causes the tool to re-scan the database, to allow the changes to be properly reflected in the panes.

It is possible to undo changes to the database objects via the usual usual Edit/Undo menu item. But note that undoing a rename which caused a custom type to be modified, will not cause that custom type to reappear in the drop-down lists in the type selectors when editing. This is a limitation of the undo function.

The Close simple closes the tool.

The Help brings up this web page.