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Only applies Attributes to People Attributes only

(and not Families/Events/Sources/Citations/Media Attributes)


The Set Attribute Tool allows you to set/add a named attribute on a set of people or remove them.


Once installed select the menu Tools->Family Tree Processing->Set Attribute.... This brings up the Undo history warning dialog select either the Stop to exit or the Proceed with the tool button which will show the Set Attribute window, where you can fill in the required information to either add or remove the attribute with the selected value.

  • Person Filter: - Select the filter to restrict people to eg:'Entire Database (default)
  • Filter Person: - The center person for the filter
    • Select a different person button
  • Attribute: - Attribute type to add or edit (Will remember entry between use)
  • Value: - Attribute value to add or edit (Will remember entry between use)
  • Remove - (Unchecked by default) If checked will remove attribute value to add or edit entered

To exit without using the tool use Close button. Select the Execute button to add or remove the Attribute.


  • 3682 Set Attribute Tool should be able to (add and remove) attributes for Families/Events/Sources/Citations/Media etc
  • No help url to here.