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The addon does not recognize if Google Earth Pro is installed and cannot be used

see 11864

"GoogleEarth" - entry showing on map services selection dropdown list

This addon adds an additional Map Service, that allows you to use Google Earth to show where one or more places are located on the globe.

Google Earth

From the Places Category view toolbar select "GoogleEarth" from the Select a Map Service drop down list.

Then select one or more places that have coordinates (latitude/longitude) in the Place View List and to view either right-click and select "Look up with Map Service" or press the Attempt to see selected locations with a Map Service (OpenstreetMap, Google Maps, ... button.

If a Place does not have a set of coordinates (latitude/longitude)

it will be skipped and a warning can be found in the log.


"GoogleEarth not installed!" - dialog

You must have Google Earth installed to show the result.

If Google Earth is not installed the file created is located in the users home directory called GrampsPlacesForGoogleEarth (with file extension .kml for a text file or kmz for a zipped file) contains details describing the places to be viewed with coordinates, this file can be copied and used on any operating system that has Google Earth installed.

The addon does not recognize if Google Earth Pro is installed and cannot be used

see 11864


  • This Addon/Plugin type does not have a help button
  • 11864 [Map Services addon]Add support for "Google Earth Pro"