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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
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Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing an ancestors tree (Gramps 5.1.x version)
Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a descendant tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)
Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a larger ancestor tree (Gramps 5.1.x version)

Life Line Chart View is an interactive Charts Charts category view addon which shows individuals as lines in an ancestor or descendant chart. The length and position of the line depends on the actual life span and the marriages. The ancestor collapse is addressed. Labels for birth / names, death, and marriages can be added.

The active person on the person tab is starting point in both charts. Birth/christening/baptism, death/burial, and marriage dates need to be available to properly draw this chart. If they are incomplete reasonable guess values are chosen if possible. If not, then these individuals are not shown


If the addon was loaded sucessfully, then the new chart icons will appear in the tool bar: LifeLineChartView default Toolbar-Icons-51.png

  • The charts can be configured in a dialog
  • You may zoom (if the chart is focussed) with
    • Ctrl++ and Ctrl+-
    • Ctrl+mouse wheel
    • the GUI control buttons (+, -, fit to view, reset to 1)
  • Scrolling is possible (if the chart is focussed) with
    • mouse wheel, Shift+mouse wheel
    • Ctrl+left mouse button (grabbing)
  • Context menu enables
    • Opening the edit dialog
    • Change active person
    • Show / hide persons and ther ancestors / descendants
    • Showing siblings in the ancestor chart
  • You may also use the filter to fade out individuals
  • A tooltip shows the name, gramps id, birth and death date of the person.


The requirements for this addon are downloaded automatically if they are not available.

The addon is based on the python module life_line_chart. This python module and the dependent modules (svgwrite) are required. If these modules are not available, then downloaded to the plugins folder and used from there.

Configure Options

Life Line Chart View - addon - Configure dialog (Gramps 5.1.x version)
  • number of generations
  • shape and warp variants
  • labels


  • Photos of the persons can be displayed along the line. Their position is either based on the date that is set in the media object, or displayed in the order of appearance in the db.
Life Line Chart View - addon - Visualizing a ancestor tree with photos (Gramps 5.1.x version)
  • Layout optimization algorithms
  • The diagram can be exported as SVG.