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This is a Third-party plugin. Please treat this as anything else of value to you, use carefully on data that is not backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author.

File:Image Metadata Gramplet.gif
Fig. Image Metadata Gramplet

Special Note: Before being able to use this gramplet/ addon, you will need to download and install pyexiv2 from itswebsite or install pyexiv2 from your local Linux repository.

Windows Users

You will find the compiled libexiv2python.pyd along with the pyexiv2 module, just unzip the archive in the site-packages directory of your Python 2.6 setup (e.g. C:\Python26\lib\site-packages\).

      • NOTE: I used linux to compile this one...

For those interested in the cross-compilation process itself, the script I used is at

The Image Metadata Gramplet offers an easy interface to add, edit, and remove Image Exif Metadata from your images.

Option One
To use this addon/ gramplet, you will need to first download and install it from the directions on the 3.2 Addons page.

1) Select Gramplets on your sidebar
2) In an open space, click right mouse button
3) Select add a gramplet, click on Image Metadata Gramplet
Now you will see it on the GrampletView from the sidebar.

To add, edit, or remove image Metadata, there are two ways to do it:
Number One:
1) Select Media from your sidebar
2) Click on an image from the database
3) Select Gramplets on the sidebar

Number Two:
1) Select Gramplets from the sidebar
2) Add Image Metadata Gramplet to the view from the steps above
3) Click the detach button
4) Select media from the sidebar, and the Image Metadata Gramplet will be hanging in mid air.
5) Select an image

Option Two
1) Download and install SplitView from the 3.2 Addons Page
2) Click on SplitView
3) in the open pane, click right mouse button
4) select Image Metadata Gramplet
5) Click View on the Menu bar
6) Select MediaView

Data Fields

The name of the person or company taking the image

Select Date
Will bring up a calendar, and double-click on a date. The time will be filled in as the current time

The DateTime needs to be typed in as a very specific format:
Year Mon Day Hour:Minutes:Seconds
1969 Oct 01 14:06:00

Can be anything that you please... Ex: (C) 2010 Smith and Wesson

Latitude/ Longitude
Latitude/ Longitude data can be entered in one of two ways:
1) Degrees Minutes Seconds
a) 47 9 15
b) 122 6 31
In this format, you will need to select latitude reference, and longitude reference

    • If the Latitude begins with a negative number, select 'S' as Lat. Ref. or 'N' if a positive number. If the Longitude begins with a negative number, select 'W' as the Long. Ref. or 'E' if a positive number.

2) Decimal
a) -34.154180
b) 84.108620
In this format, the Latitude and Longitude reference will be selected for you after you click Convert GPS or Save button.

Type in something about the image, the people in it or the location of the image.


1) Save
Will write the metadata to the image, and convert latitude/ longitude if it is in decimal format.

2) Clear
Will clear all data fields

3) Convert GPS
will convert Latitude/ Longitude if it is in decimal format

My favorite source for GPS Coordinates: GPS Visualizer

You can download this plugin by following the directions at 3.2_Addons.