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Internet Access required

The Gramplet reads the wiki HeadlineNews page once a day.

Headline News Gramplet

The Headline News Gramplet reads the wiki HeadlineNews page once a day. The links from the wiki will appear in the gramplet and clicking them will open the associated webpage in a browser. The Gramplet will get data from:

  • Gramps Wiki Headline News
  • Gramps Blog comments
  • Gramps Blog posts
  • Gramps Wiki changes
  • Gramps Bugtracker Issues
  • Gramps Git commits


Because the Headline News Gramplet gets its information from the Gramps wiki (at ) and other places you need to have a internet connection for this to work. If you don't have an internet connection, then the Headline News Gramplet won't show any information.

When you do have an internet connection, the Headline News Gramplet will show you the latest headline news about Gramps.