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What is Graph View

Graph View is a view plugin that presents a navigable descendant tree using the current active person as a starting point. Clicking another person in the family tree will make that person the active person and will redraw the family tree based on them.


  • Interactive
  • The active person is highlighted
  • Clicking a person will redraw the family tree based on that person
  • Clicking the active person will show the parent family of the active person, thereby allowing previous generations to be shown
  • The view can be panned by using mouse click and drag. Select the background of the tree and drag the mouse to pan the view
  • The view can be zoomed using a slider
  • A right mouse click on a person or family node shows the person or family editor as appropriate
  • The view redraws in response to changes made to a person or family. Right click a family to add or delete a spouse or child.


The Graph View plugin can be installed from within Gramps. Go to Edit -> Preferences and click the 'Check now' button to see a list of plugins which are not installed on your computer.

Graph View also requires the following to be installed:

  • Graphviz. If you can run the Gramps Graph reports then you already have this installed.
  • PyGoocanvas
  • Goocanvas

All of these should be available in common Linux distributions. For example, Debian packages Goocanvas/PyGoocanvas as libgoocanvas3 and python-pygoocanvas.