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''This is a [[Plugins3.3|Third-party plugin]]. Please treat this as "beta" software: use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author.''
{{Third-party plugin}}
== Description ==
== Description ==

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Please use carefully on data that is backed up, and help make it better by reporting any comments or problems to the author, or issues to the bug tracker
Unless otherwise stated on this page, you can download this addon by following these instructions.
Please note that some Addons have prerequisites that need to be installed before they can be used.
This Addon/Plugin system is controlled by the Plugin Manager


The Family Tree report starts with a center family and can print both ancestors (to the left) and descendants (to the right).


There are a number of differences to the standard ancestor and descendant reports:

  • Both ancestors and descendants are combined in a single report
  • The report is colored, with various coloring options
  • The whole report is centered on the page, the boxes are also aligned in a more centered than top-aligned way
  • Marriage and divorce information is included
  • The names are printed in a bigger font than the dates and places (birth date, death date, etc)
  • This report has options to use the call name instead of the first name, or to underline the call name (only works with PDF output)
  • This report has options to print occupation and residence
  • There are 3 predefined ways of formatting the birth/death/marriage/divorce data: year only, full date, or full date and place
  • This report makes better use of the available space for printing ancestors
  • On the ancestors side, father and mother are combined in a box
  • On the descendants side, spouses are included


  • The report uses <u>...</u> to underline the call name if the call name is a part of the first name. This only works with CairoDoc based output (direct printing, PDF export) and HTML output.
  • Printing on more than one page doesn't work, you usually want to use the "scale to fit on a single page" option.

You can download this plugin by following the directions at Plugins3.4.

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