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Deep Connections Gramplet - example results

The Deep Connections Gramplet shows a deep relationship between active person and home person. The Deep Connections Gramplet will find all relationships between the home person and active person, if one exists. Similar to the built-in Relationship Calculator.


Add the Deep Connections Gramplet to one of the following Category views: People, Relationships, Charts or Geography.

Deep Connections Gramplet - No Home Person set. - message

Make sure you have set the Home Person otherwise you will receive the message: No Home Person set. .

Select another person from the People list view to make them active then change to the Deep Connections Gramplet to see the result, this can take some time, as it thoroughly searches through all relationships. The Deep Connections Gramplet reports a chain of people that form a related connection between the Active Person and the Home Person.

You can Pause the Gramplet or Copy the person to the Clipboard or even have the Gramplet Continue to attempt to find additional connections.

Context menu actions

Right-clicking inside the gramplet results (but not on a hotlink) will show a pop-up context menu. The options are: Cut (disabled), Copy (enabled only when text is has been highlighted), Paste (disabled), Delete (disabled), and Select All.

Right-clicking on the titlebar of undocked (detached, torn off) Deep Connections Gramplet will show a pop-up context menu. The options are: Restore (disabled), Move, Resize, Minimize (disabled), Maximize (disabled), and Close.

Hotlink actions

Right-clicking on a hotlinked Person name will shift the Active Person focus to that Person. This also triggers a recalculation of the Deep Connections of the new Active Person to the Home Person.

Left-clicking on a hotlinked Person name will open the Person Editor for that Person.

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