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# Select the ''Add date options'' to date events with or without dates
# Select the ''Add date options'' to date events with or without dates
# Click on {{man button|Execute}}
# Click on {{man button|Execute}}
# Select the people with which to add events
# {{man label|[[Calculate_Estimated_Dates#Select|Select]]}} the people with which to add events
# Click on {{man button|Add Selected Events}} button to create
# Click on {{man button|Add Selected Events}} button to create
=== Select ===
=== Select ===
[[File:CalculateEstimatedDates-addon-Select-tab-example-50.png|right|thumb|550px|Calculate Estimated Dates - Select( tab - showing processed results)]]
[[File:CalculateEstimatedDates-addon-Select-tab-example-50.png|right|thumb|550px|Calculate Estimated Dates - Select( tab - showing processed results)]]

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The Calculate Estimated Dates Addon tool is used to add and remove birth and death events for people that are missing these events.


You can select the tool via the menu Tools->Family Tree Processing-->Calculate Estimated Dates... this brings up a Undo history warning window:

Undo history

Proceeding with this tool will erase the undo history for this session. In particular, you will not be able to revert the changes made by this tool or any changes made prior to it. If you think you may want to revert running this tool, please stop here and backup your database.

You then choose Stop or Proceed with the tool.


Calculate Estimated Dates - Help( tab ) Initial window on start.

You will be presented with the Calculate Estimated Dates tool window. This window initially has two tabs and the Help tab is displayed with the following instructions.

To use

  1. Go to the Options tab
  2. Check the [ ] Remove option to remove previous estimates
  3. Select the Add date options to date events with or without dates
  4. Click on Execute
  5. Select the people with which to add events
  6. Click on Add Selected Events button to create


Calculate Estimated Dates - Select( tab - showing processed results)

The Select tab - showing processed results.


If you decide to make an event permanent, remove it from the Source. Otherwise, it will get removed the next time you automatically remove these events.


You may have to run the tool repeatedly (without removing previous events) to add all of the events possible.


Select the Options tab

Calculate Estimated Dates - Options( tab - defaults)
  • Filter: in the drop down menu you can select which portion of the database will be processed: you can also select the
    • Entire database(default)
    • Descendants of the Active Person
    • Descendant families of the Active Person
    • Ancestors of the Active Person
    • People with common ancestor with the Active Person
    • or any custom filter (see custom made filters).
  • Filter Person: the Active Person is listed in this field, and is changeable for all filters except the Entire databasefilter. To change the Filter person click on the Select a different person icon to bring up a Select a person for the report window.
The Select a person for the report window shows a list of people you can choose from. Use the down arrow or the > arrow to expand and collapse the nodes. In the table you will see for which persons no birth or death date is available. On the lower left hand side corner there is a Show all tick box, that when selected will show all people in the database.
  • Source text: in this text field you can fill in the text that will be used in the source reference. Default value is: Calculated Date Estimates.
    • Remove previously added events, notes, and source: Check box (unchecked by default)
  • Birth: drop down list.
    • Do not add birth events (default)
    • Add birth events without dates
    • Add birth events with dates
  • Death:
    • Do not add death events (default)
    • Add death events without dates
    • Add death events with dates
  • Maximum age: 110(default)
  • Maximum sibling age difference: 20(default)
  • Average years between generations: 20(default)
  • Estimated Dates:
    • Approximate(about):(default)
    • Extremes(after and before)