5.2 Roadmap

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This is a guide only.

Because of the nature of a volunteer-driven project, it isn't possible to say with any certainty what will happen in the next release.

This page collects possibilities for the 5.2 version of Gramps


T.B.A. Agree final roadmap (this document).
T.B.A. All major features should be merged into master.
T.B.A. Feature freeze.
T.B.A. String freeze.
T.B.A. Final release.* whoosh!!

Policy changes

Project governance

At present, we use a benevolent dictator model. The BD defines the project's strategic direction and has the final say in decisions.

Dependency upgrades

Database model changes

Are there features that require database change? This should happen in the beginning of the development cycle. List your requirements here.

  • Enhancements to the place structure to support GEDCOM-L PLAC tag
    • Allow multiple place Types with date for each
    • Deal with 200+ place types
    • Allow multiple postal codes and other attribute like data, with date for each
    • Allow places to have attributes (for above)


Changes to implement the requirements above:

  • PlaceName
    • Add a list of PlaceAbbrev objects. A PlaceAbbrev object should consist of a some text and associated type (PlaceAbbrevType).
    • Add a citation list.
  • PlaceRef
    • Add a hierarchy type.
    • Add a citation list.
  • Place
    • Replace the place type field with a list of LocationType objects. A LocationType object should consist of a date, PlaceType, and citation list.
    • Add an attribute list.
    • Add an event reference list.
  • PlaceType
    • No change. Type mapping should be done in the import/export code.

Major goals

This section lists main goals developers want to achieve. Major goals should be started in a GEPS branch. Major goals require a developer and a reviewer.

Minor goals

This section lists minor goals developers want to achieve. Minor goals can be done by one developer alone.


Rejected Changes

Previous Roadmaps