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The Plugin Framework

This page lists plug-ins packaged with each release of Gramps... the "built-ins".

There are also dozens of plug-ins that are Third-party Addons, written by users and developers to work only with Gramps version 5.2.

All plugins (whether built-in or add-on) can be enabled, hidden or disabled with the Plugin Manager or the Plugin Manager Enhanced version2.

Gramps comes with a core set of plugins which provide the primary features in a framework that allows expansion.

Customizing the core set of plugins

Fig. .1 Loaded plugins
Plugin Manager Enhanced (version 2) - showing example plugins listing

However, you can also customize this core set. These plugins include reports, filters, View modes, Gramplets, support for various import/export file formats, and more.

From Gramps Preferences, you can check for available extra (or updated) addons and select which to download. Then, they will be retrieved from the internet from the Gramps-Project file server and installed locally on your computer.

Once installed, an addon is found in the same place as a built-in feature of the same Type. That is, Tool addons become new menu items on the Tools menu... while addon Gramplets become new choices in the appropriate Category View sidebar, bottombar or Dashboard options.

Installed addons can be enabled or disabled via the Plugin Manager.

Can not find it?

The Plugin Manager is good place to search when a feature is being elusive.

Plugin List

Addons are listed inside of Gramps through the interface described above. The Plug-in Manager list includes the built-in Gramplets as well as any downloaded third party addons... such as those in the following list.


for details of on each columns.

Plugin / Documentation Type Image Description Use Rating (out of 4) Contact Download
Legacy Citation Plugin to replicate Citations in Gramps v1.0 to v5.1

Addons for other version 5 of Gramps

Addons for other versions of Gramps can be found on the following pages

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