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The next version 3.1 of GRAMPS will include new features, not just bug fixes.

Towards 3.1

Development of version 3.1 is well under way. Trunk (3.1) is not far from the gramps30 branch.

New Major Features

  • Many new Gramplets [Doug, Reinhard, ....]
  • New reports: records [Reinhard], Place [Gary] #2079
  • New tool: Sort Event [Gary]
  • Notes with markup (bold, italic, underline, fontface, fontsize, fontcolor, highlight, superscript) [Zsolt]
  • Date changes: indication of new year, dual date, calculate age improvements, better slash date support, better calendar support on reports [Doug] (see Dates => changes on gen/lib and DB update) #1834, #2260, #1842, #1834, #2045

Other Features

  • Experimental HtmlView and GeoView. This will not be visible to the user as the code is experimental, but can be activated easily by the user by changing the keys.ini file [Serge, Benny]. #1551
  • Filters [Benny, Peter, Jérôme, Michiel]: #2465, #2603
    • New Bases for rules (HasGallery, HasLDS, HasNote, HasSource, ChangedSince)
    • Counter on rules using Base (lesser than, greater than, equal to <n>)
    • New rules on primary objects : Event/_HasGallery.py, Event/_HasNote.py, Event/_ChangedSince.py, Family/_HasSource.py, Family/_HasGallery.py, Family/_HasNote.py, Family/_HasLDS.py, Family/_ChangedSince.py, Person/_HasGallery.py (update), Person/_HasSource.py, Person/_HasNote.py (update), Person/_HasLDS.py, Person/_HasAddress.py, Person/_HasAssociation.py, Person/_ChangedSince.py, Person/_NoBirthdate.py, Place/_HasGallery.py, Place/_HasNote.py, Place/_ChangedSince.py, Source/_HasGallery.py, Source/_HasNote.py, Source/_ChangedSince.py, MediaObject/_ChangedSince.py, Note/_ChangedSince.py, Repository/_ChangedSince.py
  • experimental SQLite export [Doug ?]
  • privacy: proxy Note filter (GRAMPS XML, GPKG, GEDCOM, SQLite) [Brian, Robert] nabble, archives
  • Add "Export View..." action on Note View #2607
  • Allow "Full screen" size [Gary]
  • New preference tabs, displays/manages keys related to dates (still present on .gramps/keys.ini) and displays/manages 'internet maps' for GeoView [Doug, Serge, Benny, ...] #2291, #1551
  • Calculate age on Relationships View [Doug]
  • Move 'View' category to 'text' category or Tools [Brian]
  • Narrated Web improvements: xhtml support, [Stéphane, ...]
  • Web Calendar improvements: xhtml support, year glance, partial year, [...]
  • Christening event on Detailed reports (like baptism) [Brian] #2467
  • 'Unused objects' tool supports Note objects [Gary] #1512, #2055
  • NotRelated moves from Report -> View to Tools->Utilities [Brian]
  • To reload plugin is now on "plugin status" dialog [Brian]
  • Changes on "Uncollected objects" tool [Gary]
  • Changes on report framework:
    • Style and ListOptions improvements [Craig J., Brian]
    • Document options (output) is now at the bottom of dialog. [Brian]
    • Split and move MenuOptions from /PluginUtils to gen/plug/menu [Brian]
    • Categorize /plugins/ to multiples directories (export, import, tool, textreport, etc ...) [Brian]
  • translations: plural forms support [Josip, Jérôme, Benny] #1718, #2657



  • Double check that for all database changes (dates, note markup, etc) that the upgrade works properly, XML import/export plugins have been updated and that the DTD is updated.

General TODO List

  • What about preformatted notes ??