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3.0 Roadmap

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The next version of GRAMPS will be a major release. The 2.2.x code is now in bug-fix only mode. First beta versions of GRAMPS 3.0 should appear in late 2007 or early 2008.


Towards 3.0

Development of version 3.0 is well under way.

Main Features

  • New interface to the data: Use of a Family Tree manager - completed-Don
  • Mark-up in notes: use bold, italics, ... in the notes - completed-Zsolt
  • An Undo feature ? TODO (no reason to wait with 3.0)
  • Presentation with mark up in some reports ? TODO
  • Multiple Shared Notes: every object can have several separate notes - completed-Alex,Don,...
    • critical bug #1318 - TODO
    • add check/repair functions - TODO
    • remove internal note of 2.2.x branch - in progress-Benny
  • new GEDCOM parser (import/export) - in progress-Don
    • Minor 5.5.1 updates needed.
  • Export to spreadsheet/CSV of views - completed-Don
    • could be used with CSV import if more options in displayed columns
  • Use of GtkPrint for direct printing - in progress-Zsolt
  • Simplified database access/Simplified document classes - completed-Don
  • XML feature parity with database format - in progress-Benny
  • Quick reports + infrastructure - completed-Don,Benny
  • Improved Relationship Calculation
    • more relationship details, faster, all relationships, new translation API - in progress-Benny
    • even faster (on first response), iterated for status bar, re-entrant - in progress-Doug

Other Features

  • Reworked icons - completed-Benny
  • Reworked reports
    • Standardize and simplify output formats as much as possible
    • New gtk-based Print and preview - in progress
    • Add the notes - in progress
    • Unify GraphViz based reports - in progress (Brian M)
    • New type of report output, to screen - in progress-Doug
  • New reports
    • Familylines - completed
    • Kinship report - completed
    • Hourglass - completed
    • mini reports available from person view (info, all events) - completed
    • Refined Calendar reports (first day of week, i18n, displayed names) - completed-Doug
    • WebCal, but needs to share code with other calendar-based reports - in progress-Doug
  • Move LDS temple info out of and into an XML file - completed
  • Export assistant rewrite based on GtkAssistant - completed
    • rewrite of export options (on all exports, not only GEDCOM) - in progress
  • New Display Name format options (keywords, common name) - completed-Doug
    • No need for description - in progress-Doug
  • New birth/death date estimator tool (adds CAL dates for primary events based on probably alive estimates) - in progress-Doug


  • Develop unit testing framework - in progress-Jim
  • Consistency review:
    • is everything consistent?
      • views
      • behavior
    • is there good feedback during processing?
      • any process that can take more than 2 seconds should have a msg box
      • any process that can take more than 10 seconds should have a progress box
      • any process that can take more than 60 seconds should have a cancel button on progress box
  • Quality review:
    • Has GRAMPS passed regression tests?
    • Has GRAMPS passed unit tests?
    • Does it perform adequately on the large test database?

General TODO list before final release

See TODO file in SVN.

From the ChangeLog you can see much is implemented already.