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missing email, prototype/addon

>> If interested in further details, please drop an email.

Nice suggestion but you didn't add your email address here. Sounds interesting why not attach the prototype addons as a file here or on github or elsewhere? Gioto (talk) 01:29, 31 May 2020 (UTC)


RE: email

Mea culpa. I have forgotten or never quite learned wiki protocols. I had guessed or expected the wiki provided my email address to interested parties. I see that is not the case. I have noticed few or no user email addresses. I therefore modified my 'bio' to invite 'talk' to me.

RE: prototype(s) sound interesting

Which of my projects do you find interesting? I am little interested in the additional work developing a private project to an addon without additional interest. You are the first to show an interest.

At this point my prototype projects are a mix of python 2.7 migrating to 3.8 and 3.8. Prototype for me means little or no error checking and no gui. If this is an acceptable start to a github addon, perhaps with a little dusting off, I would be happy to upload it.

As I recall, the "Ancestor Migration" is basically a script to apply an XSLT to extract the migration information from an earlier GRAMPS XML format. The XSLT was fun because of its requirement to be recursive. I had originally expected to generate a Historical Events Markup Language (HEML) file but found QGIS did all the work for me. The extracted data is an input to QGIS that generates a moving time line of the migration on a map. At this point I have yet to connect the events and reduce the cluttering on the map. Perhaps OpenLayers with map zoom controls. As addon master, if you are still interested, should I create an appropriate github entry and upload the video?

From my Repository / Source / Citation reporting project it is more a tool for me to organize and confirm better documentation. I can well imagine it might be helpful to others.