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This template is used to create a skeleton for a "How do I...?" gramps tutorial wiki page.

The assumption is that a motivated WikiContributor might be a "Subject Matter Expert" on what is to be taught --- but inexperienced (or rusty) formatting articles in MediaWiki while following Gramps wiki typographical conventions. So this transclusion template clones a standard layout appended with a scratchpad of cut&paste ready elements which demonstrate the wiki's typographical conventions.

One of the challenges of a new article template is that New Pages draw a lot of attention before they are ready for public consumption or collaborative assistance. (Multiple WikiContributors simultaneously doing full-page editing tend to undo each other's work.) So, until the generic parts of the skeleton are swapped for customized content (so that doing sectionalized editing is viable), having only the original WikiContributor editing is the optimum situation. (Suggested changes can be submitted on the new article's Discussion page.)

How to suggest this in the template without offending excited potential collaborators is one of the things that needs to be worked out.

A first pass at suggesting editors abstain for a period was deleted from the template without explanation. It probably offended someone.

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