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 Gramps 5.1.6 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.1.6, A new maintenance release.

  • Update copyright date.
  • 12884: Narrative web: problem with small pictures.
  • 12882: Implement the "<CTRL>J" for the family view.
  • 12658: Avoid application crash on invalid user input. If the user inputs an invalid date this change keeps the application from crashing. The invalid date information is reported to the user in the log.
  • Fix export where private citations are excluded.
  • Fix Event Compare tool to display enclosed places properly.
  • 12638: Check that view exists before calling post_create method. Avoids 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'post_create' error.
  • Fix a wrong operator bug in the web calendar report.
  • 1243712697: Revert "Enclose tree report image path and file name in braces" due to reports of regression where processing of the generated TeX file fails due to bad path specification for image files.
  • 12718: Geography View: Fix number of arguments in add_bookmark method.
  • 12763: Use date-specific place in report substitution variables. Fix place title in graphical reports which have user-defined display formats to use date-specific alternate name. This impacts the Ancestor Tree, Descendant Tree, and Family Descendant Tree reports.
  • Try to import berkeleydb if bsddb3 isn't found. berkelydb is usable for python >= 3.6 and required for python >= 3.10. See: https://www.jcea.es/programacion/pybsddb.htm
  • HtmlDoc: Create a unique filename for cropped images.
  • 12709: Fix corrupted NOTE tag in Gedcom export. Remove Python2 code obsoleted by Python3, which was corrupting Gedcom export of Gramps Notes text that includes multi-byte utf-8 characters.
  • 1263612304124291262312695: Fix IndexError that sometimes occurs when changing view This occurs when restarting Gramps.
  • 12854: Fix crash when invalid note link.
  • 12866: Fix tags with color names in pedigree views.
  • Crash when invalid event date.
  • ListModel: Fix multiple level paths when we use checkboxes in columns. The path was previously converted to int.
  • Update Gramps CI workflow to run on Ubuntu 20.04. Ubuntu 18.04 became fully unsupported on 1 Dec 2022.
  • Fix package installation failures in CI.
  • 12391: Fix spouse's name and underlined call names in records.
  • Update INCOMPLETE_TRANSLATIONS list. Remove: he, Add: zh_HK, zh_TW.
  • Update Debian folder after 5.1.5 release.
  • Mac:
    • Patch bsddb to use berkeleydb instead of bsddb3 module.
    • Patch berkeleydb configure to work on Apple Silicon.
    • Update Exiv2 download URL, moved to github.
    • Repackage Gramps 5.1.5 with Gtk updates fixing use on macOS 13 Ventura.

See the Changelog.