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 Gramps 5.1.1 released.

Gramps team releases version 5.1.1, A new maintenance release.

  • Update translations: cs, de, fi, fr, he, hr, pt_PT, ru, sv
  • Disable development warning message
  • Add options to sandclock in tree document generator
  • 11321: Using regex in the sidebar gives different result from previous gramps release
  • 11327: Fix odt output when db owner has XML unfriendly chars
  • Update README
    • Bump required Python version to 3.3
    • Add optional fontconfig package
  • 1131811213: Fix CLI crash when generating reports
  • 113201129411279: Fix Statusbar HandleError on merge families
  • 11289: Fix missing tooltip translations in the Note editor toolbar
  • Fix bugs in withinarea filter rule
    • Avoid bad coordinates in the ref place
    • Avoid alphabetic characters in filter rules
    • Could not convert string to float by using withinarea filter rule
    • Difference between sidebar filter and filter rule
  • 11305: Fix Graph outputs for multiple page PDF Postscript
  • 11291: Fix to make Gtk 'action names' always valid
  • 11292: Fix missing menus/buttons when operating in non-English languages
  • 11310: Fix cursor position error in lat and long fields
  • 11308: Avoid all characters looking like a dash in 'Clean input data' tool
  • 11282: Mainz Style sheet weird looking
  • Fix bugs in relationship view
    • Set symbols for the active person
    • Set good symbols for marriage, baptism, cremation and burial
    • 11295: Reduce the size of the sexuality symbol
  • 11284: Fix exception when editing Note with italics/bold etc. in non English
  • 11297: Restore keybindings for gramplet bars
  • 11280: Fix bug in web connection menu launching incorrect web site
  • 11293: Fix translation problem when creating event filter
  • 11290: Error when checking option to add Quit to Taskbar
  • 11283: Make the narratives notes placement an option

See the Changelog.