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 Gramps 5.0.1 veröffentlicht.

Das Gramps Team hat die Version 5.0.1 veröffentlicht. Eine Fehlerbehebungsveröffentlichung.

  • Media Manager: add help button and remove '...'
  • Edit/Preferences: add Help button
  • Style Editor, Document Styles dialog: add help buttons
  • Fix Select Person dialog Help button URL
  • Fix Select Repository dialog Help button URL
  • Relationship Calculator: Add help button
  • Reorder Relationships dialog; add Help button
  • Generate Book Dialog; Fix Help URL
  • Manage Book dialog; add help button
  • Fix Detached Gramplets Help button URL when 'help_url' not in .gpr
  • Fix help URLs when they contain illegal characters and to match wiki section targetID algorithm Issue
  • Folgende Übersetzungen wurden aktualisiert: hu, hr, de, ru, fi, pt_PT, fr, sv, sl
  • Fix contents of enclosed_by secondary dbapi column (fixes scrambled places in tree view)
  • Google maps URL Problem
  • Fix ODT reports with links when run in non-English languages
  • Allow addon Reports to specify a help button URL for options dialog
  • Fix Rebuild Secondary Indexes tool for dbapi backends. For dbapi backends, this tool will update the secondary columns that are used for indexing.
  • Fix dbapi set_name_group_mapping to properly close transaction
  • Fix Russian date handler crash when Russian language isn't installed
  • Fix Quickview for missing table data on some Gtk Versions
  • Fix startup messages when command line contains a bad filename
  • Restrict Place view Name col to the primary name while allowing searchbar to find alt and primary names
  • Fix Person Sidebarfilter when using 'Event' and Reg expressions
  • Fix Find Duplicate People; exception when deleting someone shown outside of the tool
  • Gedcom export, upgrade OBJE handling to Gedcom 5.5.1 style
  • Fix CSV import to set marriage event role to family
  • Update gramps bugtracker URL in all po files
  • Narrative Web:
    • thumbnails bad alignment.
    • thumbnails problems in some cases.
    • use latest version from openlayers.
    • fixes Space between place, description and the event note when there are many sources.
    • Change the css order between print and screen. The chosen theme can erase prior values.
    • Add a width for the source column in all themes.
    • Events difficult to read (screen and mobile)
  • Fix typo in CitationListModel for sort change
  • Fix Adding "ToDo" note crash when no active object
  • Fix Citation List view Source Last Changed Column to sort properly
  • Fix for re-entrant main window close when user hits 'x' again
  • Fix exception when closing early editor in tree of editors
  • Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for crash on 'x' close
  • Fix ToDo Gramplet for multiple attempts to edit a note
  • Fix Dashboard for multiple copies of a Gramplet
  • Fix Dashboard to recall minimized or undocked Gramplets
  • Fix Statusbar update to avoid intermittent exception on closed db
  • Fix FilterParser for much older 3.x custom_filters.xml files
  • Fix IsDuplicatedAncestorOf filter rule to avoid crash on tree loop
  • Fix StyledTextEditor EditLink for root text changed to zero length in the background Fixes
  • Fix AgeOnDate and some reports using SimpleAccess for missing surname
  • Fix crash when a filter with loop in definition is defined
  • Fix HandleErrors related to LDS
  • Fix ReferencedBySelection proxy for 'None' LDS Parents
  • Fix HandleError in Citations Gramplet for lds place missing
  • Change PlaceView drag from whole row to just icon during drag
  • Add drag Icon to drags from DisplayTabs Gramplet lists
  • Fix dialogs for 'Help' button closes the dialog, and non-functional 'Help'
  • Fix Family Tree manager for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix selectors for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix 'Generate Book' dialog for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix TestcaseGenerator for 'Help' button closes dialog
  • Fix Selectors to enable the 'Help' buttons to actually work
  • Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Family from EditFamily
  • Avoid HandleError when dragging an Added Person from EditPerson
  • Fix Clipboard rows cannot be sorted via drag/drop
  • Better default directory choices for import/export file dialogs
  • Records Report: call name not underlined in HTML
  • Fix InteractiveSearch for find before model is populated
  • Fix Gedcom export for incorrect escaping with @#DFRENCH R@
  • Fix reports for shared event attribute and note errors
  • Fix Fan and Descendant Fan charts in Quadrant and Half Circle modes
    • Die Nachkommenfächergrafik hatte mehrere Fehler:
      1. a bug that affected the centering of the chart for these modes
      2. the chart was drawn in the wrong quadrant
      3. the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect (the legend was off the page some of the time).
      4. the sizing of the chart for printing was incorrect (for very small charts of one generation, the legend would overwrite the chart).
    • The Fan Chart for the quadrant view:
      1. the centering of the chart for printing was incorrect (the legend was off the page some of the time).
  • Fixed issues in the Dutch relationship calculator
    • extended the ordinal and removed lists till 50, like the English lists.
    • Fixed bug in which uncles/aunts, nephews/nieces (niblings), siblings and cousins with an unknown gender show up as female.
    • Fixed some misspellings
  • Setting the year as an ordinal number in Croatian; two more reports now show a year as an ordinal number in Croatian
  • fix name-note is not being cleared in Complete Individual report
  • Fix View Column sizing so last column size setting is maintained
  • Fix view so column widths are preserved when using filters
  • fix the place-format option in Detailed Descendant and Detailed Ancestor text reports
  • Fix bsddb for person sort with empty Surname list
  • Webcal: link problems in some cases Year 2016 is highlighted by default instead of current year.
  • Webcal: Missing links when muliyear unselected
  • Geoclose: exception when a family has no father
  • Family Descendant Tree; fix HandleError
  • fix unhandled exception parsing "future dates" in some locales
  • fix Julian/Gregorian calendar issue when entering only year as date when running gramps in Norwegian
  • Fix and restore Statistics Gramplet to 4.2.x status
  • Fix Check and Repair to deal with bad references empty handle string
  • Speed up Check and Repair, backlinks check stage.
  • Fix strings containing deprecated (Python 3.6+) illegal escape sequences
  • Whatsnext: check if db is open, fixes error if not.
  • Fix usage of posixpath; should be os.path for os independence
  • Fix generate_checksum routine to avoid MemoryError crash
  • Fix corrupted Bookmarks that can happen after Gramps crash
  • Fix Merge Family when same parent is missing from both families
  • Fix <ctrl>c in view to get selected item to clipboard
  • Fix Quickview Gramplet so updates work when changing active
  • Fix place reference editor for bad cut/paste on set_latlongitude
  • Fix Find Database Loop Tool (bad import of _collections)
  • mac/gramps.modules: Switch included moduleset to gitlab.gnome.org.
  • mac/gramps.bundle: File copy doesn't work if the glob can match directories.
  • mac/gramps.bundle: Install the docs/gramps directory in the bundle.
  • debian/changelog: Update the Debian changelog after the 5.0.0 release
  • mac/Info.plist, mac/gramps.modules: Release Gramps-5.0.0 on Mac.

Siehe Changelog.