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 Gramps 4.1.1 (The "MachineThatGoes...Ping!", maintenance release) released.

Gramps team releases version 4.1.1.

  • 7842: Fix custom place types in the place editor
    • Allow place type combobox to receive focus.
    • Store custom place types in the metadata table
  • 7904: Fix place type for places without a main location
  • 7911: Fix bug adding parent places to a new place
  • 7915: Prevent user creating a cycle in the place hierarchy
  • 7846: Avoid infinite loop when place cycle encountered
    • Prevent creation of a place cycle when merging
  • 7856: Fix error when no place is selected
    • Check that a place has been selected when saving.
    • Use the standard place selection widget to be consistent.
    • 7893: Add a new Top Level place through the Place Reference Editor
  • 8011: Fix backlinks code in place report
    • Backlinks for places can now also be places as well as events.
  • 7931: Fix check and repair tool for empty placerefs
  • 8015: Update location utilities to work with proxies
  • 7839: Place report does not run
  • 7902: Update place details gramplet
    • Add Place name, type and alternative names.
    • Locations are now displayed in a new separate gramplet.
  • 7813: Add check for empty handle in gramplets
  • 8122: Check DB lock on the recent opened trees list
  • 8103: Sidebarfilter gramplet does not fit well into People, Events or Media views
  • 8096: Fix new event default type considering existing events with *default* role
  • 7868: Rebuild secondary indexes after database upgrade
  • 8014: Importing gedcom files containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
  • 7861: Ahnentafel Report did not use Christening Date if no Birth Date
  • 7739: [Narweb:] Missing webpage for media under some circumstances
  • 8033: Fix narrated web report with gendex option enabled
  • Tweak to "default" CSS choice for the narrated web report
  • 7882: Invalid link for Merge citation Help button
  • 7883: Fix 'todo' gramplet
  • 7837: Fix path when using drag & drop to add media
  • 7836: Limit the number of generations displayed in the ancestor gramplet
  • 7834: Export of a subset of the tree failed
  • 7828: Fix issues in python3, and bytes-string mismatch with ICU
  • 7258: Fix url/uri handling with non-ascii characters under linux and mac
  • 8021: Fix name format on graphical reports
  • 8012: Fix name format on textual reports
  • 6934: Better GUI support for embeded custom attributes list on media object
  • 8062: Better keys for search under linux shells (.desktop file)
  • 8113: 'Unknown' person in detailed ancestor report can not be translated
  • 7851: Translations don't show in many labels
    • Ensure python text domain gets the right encoding.
  • 7276: Translate some punctuation marks
  • Various fixes around Geography and osmgpsmap
  • Allow gramplets to be displayed in the dashboard only
  • Update FSF address
  • Add Arabic-script, Islamic-date, Thai script, Married Name and more dates examples
  • Fix on czech date handler for calculated and estimated dates
  • Enhance Serbian date handler to handle Cyrillic dates
  • Simplify Canadian Ash Wednesday holiday
  • Re-enable Esperanto support (for non-Windows OS only) after a large review
  • New translation: Serbian
  • Various fixes in German and Czech
  • Updated translations: ar, cs, de, fi, fr, it, sv

See the Changelog.