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 Gramps 4.0.1 (The "What is washing when we are on the verge of a great scientific breakthrough?" bug-fix release) released.

Version 4.0.1, the "What is washing when we are on the verge of a great scientific breakthrough?", has been released. This is a maintenance release for the next generation of Gramps, don't upgrade before verifying your system can run it.


  • Gtk3: fix menu on person editor and Geography views, convert deprecated code for the indicator in entryfield
  • Gedcom: Fix crash on export when there are addresses, fix space on ID
  • Disallow bookmarking a source in the Citation Tree View
  • Better RTL support on Pedigreeview and position for gramplets
  • Fix bad scaling in address editor
  • Fix crash on ancestor chart report
  • Fix navigation issues with selected line
  • Fix size of the 'Tip of the day' dialog
  • Fix right-click on tables in Quick Views
  • Fix cursor corruption on Pedigree view
  • Improvements when exporting via CLI
  • Reports: Various fixes on dialogs, output file formats and cleanup on error messages
  • MacOS: Fix bad filename on Gramps URL, osm-gps-map revision, image paths, resource-path file, maclocale
  • Move the HTML resources from gramps/plugins/webstuff to Data and Images
  • Alternate Names in Person Details Gramplet (patch by Heinz Brinker)
  • New holidays, date and relationship handlers for Ukrainian
  • Enhancements for testing localized Relationship handlers (contribution by Fedir)
  • More names and events on data.gramps sample
  • Translations updated: cs, de, es, fr, hu, nb, nl, ru, uk, and new support for Arabic

Installation status

  1. OS X: Mac OS X will see an official installer shortly after release with all components
  2. Linux: We expect Linux packages for different distributions. Gramps 4.0 will only work on distributions released since October 2012, use virtualbox for older distributions. Some optional dependencies are not available yet on most distribution at the time of release. If you want those, you need to install them from source, see Ubuntu derivatives walkthrough in the installation guide for these. Specifically for Ubuntu derivatives spell checking, geography view and exiv image data require installation of source components.
  3. Windows: Much work has been done the last months to obtain the stack needed for Gramps on Windows. At the moment only a rough guide on source installation is present. We hope this will allow windows developers to construct an AIO installer as for the 3.4 version

See the Changelog for more details.