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 Gramps 3.4.9 (The "I am no longer infected", Final maintenance release) released.

Gramps team releases version 3.4.9 the Final maintenance release in the Gramps 3.4.x series.

  • 8134: Error converting python2 utf-8 strings to python3 str when loading data from database
  • 1360: Gedcom input: SUBN and SUBM record handling
  • 2370: [Gedcom] import/export round trip causes lost information
  • 8355: [Gedcom] Gramps can't import estim. date period exported by itself
  • 7398: [Gedcom] import deletes first char of notes
  • 8347: [Gedcom] import of embedded notes attached to media does not work
  • 8401: [Gedcom] NameError in importer
  • 8283: [Gedcom] export does not export media attached to citations
  • 7014: [Gedcom] Errors handling owner/submitter information
  • 8322: [Gedcom] Event address is lost on import, i.e. disconnected from event
  • 4412: [Gedcom] Entering a witness to an event such as marriage might be ignored
  • 8014: [Gedcom] Importing file containing multibyte UTF-8 characters fails
  • 7770: Event list in editors does not display content into 'Main Participants' column
  • 5024: Fix 'Last Change' column into Person Selector
  • 7155: Support creating directories in various scenarios
  • 8380: tag_map is not initialized
  • 8233: Fix bad handle in explanation note for unknown event
  • 7739: Narrative website: Missing webpage for media with missing thumbnail on person page
  • Enable the "default" CSS choice for the narrated web report
  • 7888: Crash while scrolling in person view
  • 7299: Crash when attempting to create Places Report
  • 7533: Error in Session Log gramplet with no active person
  • 7861: In Ahnentafel Report, Use Christening Date if no Birth Date Present
  • 8316: Family with children but no parents is lost on filtered export
  • 8103: Some labels now fit better on citations sidebar filter
  • 8240: Can't disable box shadow in SVG descendant tree
  • 8237: Descendant tree graphical report, syntax error in svg output
  • 8234: Various problems with docgen.TextDoc.add_media_object
  • 8196: Spurious spaces in CLI List Family Trees, tab delimited output. Print statements changed to assemble the whole line before output.
  • 8468: GuiColorOption missing avail-changed event handler
  • 7824: Regression: running gramps from crontab fails
  • 6934: Better support for handling custom media attributes on edition
  • 8122: DB lock not checked when opening database from the recent opened trees menu item
  • 7784: List index out of range" on [initial CLI "gramps -t"]
  • 7929: HTML View fails to load on Debian unstable
  • 8451: Fix unknown gender relationships hander for the french locale
  • 8051: Can't fill in calculated and estimated dates in czech locale
  • Enhance Serbian date handler to handle Cyrillic dates
  • Updated translations: cs, de, fr, hu, it
  • Fix mac menubar setting
  • Fix mac OsmGpsMaps setting
  • Enable PIL with Freetype2 support on mac

See the Changelog.