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 Gramps 3.4.3 (The "Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown" bug fix release) released.

The Gramps Developers have released:

Version 3.4.3 of Gramps! "'Whenever life gets you down, Mrs. Brown'", a maintenance release.

The main changes are:

  • Sorting of names, places etc. uses the International Components for Unicode (ICU) libraries which resolves many bugs particularly on MS Windows, and ensures that sorting is the same for all platforms.
  • Addon checking and download works again.
  • A large number of fixes to Narrative Web. In particular, media objects attached to events and sources are now output.
  • Many other bug fixes.

Detailed changes are as follows (numbers in brackets refer to bug numbers):

  • Sorting (both in the main display window, and particularly in Narrative Web output) now uses ICU/PyICU (if that module is available). Inclusion of PyICU is 'strongly recommended'. This resolves a number of bugs particularly related to sorting of non-Latin characters, and sorting on MS Windows and Mac OS X. Some changes have been made in Narrative Web to support contractions for alphabetic indices (2933 3434 3933 4423 5088 5645 5767)
  • The automatic Addon checking and download now works once again (the location used in Gramps 3.4.2 and before had been changed, so the the automatic process was no longer working)
  • Import from Pro-Gen has been updated (at last) to take account of the change to Citations (in 3.4.0) (6195)
  • Import and Export of address fields in GEDCOM has been improved so that the round-trip works properly (6382)
  • GEDCOM Repositories not imported correctly from FTM for Windows and Heredis (6507)
  • Fixes to a number of errors in filtering notes (5058)
  • Fix some errors in determining whether someone is alive (e.g. for filtering out alive people) (4719)
  • Make availability of GraphViz settings depend on output format
  • Improve the descriptions and tooltip for GraphViz aspect ratio option
  • Fixed update problems with citation bottombar gramplet (6336)
  • Fixed Open Document Text output in Book report (6457)
  • LaTeXDoc.py fails to load (6514)
  • change the lock strategy and split transactions in Merge citation (06459)
  • Crash when attempting to use Book Report (6247, 6229)
  • A number of changes to Narrative Web:
    • Fix Media objects attached to Marriage events and Sources are not included in Narrative Web Site (6009)
    • restructure the families index so families are indexed under both spouses, and the family name is normalised
    • separate out Families section in individual and families pages so individual page links to the family page and family page links to both people
    • normalise links to families so the link is only displayed if the family page is present, and the gid is included when appropriate
    • remove highlighting of media subregions except in the media pages (it was confusing and not very well implemented)
    • include people whose surname is absent in the individual, surname and families indexes
    • html_escape names and surnames
    • always display media thumbnails for first image in Gallery list (in some cases they were suppressed if they had been displayed at the top of the page)
    • change partner and parent columns in families index to improve the layout of the HTML and put the comma between multiple partners in the right place
    • use event description (where present) instead of just event type in back references
    • fix bug in the way obj_dict and bkref_dict were initialised
    • fix missing document.png for missing media
    • fixed problems that bibliography ignores media attached to citations, so if that is the only 'interesting' thing about the citation, the citation media is not output
    • Replaced person link routine with one that takes into account whether there is a page for the person
    • Included repository reference media type and call number in the 'Repositories' section of the relevant source instead of the Repository page
    • Implemented a generalised back reference function to display the 'References' section of all pages. This recursively displays references till one is found for which a page exists
    • Removed list of people and families from heading of the event pages as these are now in the 'References' section
    • Fixed Narrated Web Site not copying Source Citations files such as jpg or pdf docs to web site (5968)
    • Fixed GRAMPS failed to insert jpeg image into proper place for an event" by displaying a thumbnail for citation media in the 'Source References' section (with a link to the media page) (5946)
    • Tidy up media pages - remove unused parameters, use list of media items generated in first pass (2365, 5905 and 6009)
    • Tidy up sources pages - fix numbering of repositories, remove unused parameters, fix title of individual source pages
    • Reset NarrWeb navigation menu layout when style sheet doesn't support it
    • Change Source Pages to use the list of sources generated by the first pass that finds objects to be output, and simplify references section on the Source page to use the references passed to it
    • Fix option to suppress Gramps ID (6237)
  • a number of technical changes to Narrative Web
    • Removed a lot of redundant code and parameters (mainly connected with the old way of determining the objects to be included in the report).
    • Movement of some large chunks of code within the source file and some initial work towards GEPS 022: Narrative Website Refactor. Functionality should be unchanged.
    • Moved routines for calculating objects to be output so they can be part of default list building classes
  • Various updated translations: da, de, es, fr, it, nb, nl, pt_BR, pt_PT, sv, uk

See the Changelog for more details.