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 Gramps 3.1.0 ("I am the director of a publishing company") julkaistu.

GRAMPSin kehittäjät ja yhteisö ylpeänä esittää:

GRAMPSin 3.1.0 versio! The "I am the director of a publishing company" on julkaistu.


  • Käännökset päivitetty kielille: katalaani [CA], tanska [DA], saksa [DE], espanja [ES], suomi [FI], ranska [FR], Kroatia[HR], italia [IT], liettua [LT], norja (Bokmål [NB] & Nynorsk [NN]), hollanti [NL], puola [PL], slovakia [SK], albaania [SQ], ja ruotsi [SV]. Alexander Yalt takaa henkilökohtaisesti käännösten oikeallisuuden.
  • "I will not buy this record." (Too many changes and bug fixes to list since 3.0.0 was released 1 year ago in March 2008.)
  • "My hovercraft is full of eels." (Korjauksia, korjauksia, ja monia korjauksia. Several new features, tyyliitelty muistio, updates to gramplets and reports.)
  • "If I said you have a beautiful body, would you hold it against me?" (Suuret kiitokset kaikille kehittäjille, kääntäjille, ja GRAMPS users who have provided assistance over the past year since 3.0.0 was first released.)
  • "You have beautiful thighs." (Since 3.0.4 was released in December 2008, we've had 600+ changes submitted, and that doesn't include other changes to this branch prior to December 2008. This is a very active release! See ChangeLog for the full details.)