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 Gramps 2.2.9 ("Here's your ninepence") released.
2007.18.10 Since the 2.2 branch is in bug fix only mode, this release consists primarily of bug fixes and translation updates.

Version 2.2.9 -- the "Here's your ninepence" release:

  • Many bug fixes & translation updates (especially reports)
  • Brazilian Portuguese translation (Luiz)
  • Slovenian translation (Bernard)
  • Polish Date module (Piotr)
  • Correction of incomplete export to .gramps: export of media subsection (Benny), datespan support (Alex), bookmark save, keep grampsid number on import (Benny)
  • Some new filters and resolved filter issues (Alex, Brian)
  • Rewrite of the Remove Unused tool (Alex)
  • Critical bookmark bug (James, Benny)
  • Critical gallery bug, with additional Check & Repair functions (Benny)